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Website development without programming knowledge from scratch

Get a demanded Internet profession and earn from $1000 per months

Get 50% discount. Limited offer!

8 unique lessons online

the time which is convenient for you

Over 100 video lessons

unlimited access to a library of video lessons

Portfolio as a result

you will receive a portfolio and 3 ready-made sites
few words about us

About the course

This course is a synergy of theoretical and practical lessons, tests, exercises, in which you will make your first 3 sites and a portfolio that you can demonstrate to clients.
Alex Forbes, course author

Alex Forbes, course author

It suits everyone

Who is this course for?

For motivated students and schoolchildren

For motivated students and schoolchildren

Gain independence and the opportunity to earn good money every month.
For people very tired of the office work

For people very tired of the office work

Get an interesting job on a free schedule, get clients from anywhere in the world.
Special offer
For those looking for a decent job

For those looking for a decent job

Work with interesting people and projects, even if you live in a small town.
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For housewives and  mothers on maternity leave

For housewives and mothers on maternity leave

Get personal income and the opportunity to work on a free schedule.
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For those wishing to travel around the world

For those wishing to travel around the world

Move around the world, working as needed, ideal solution for those who love freedom.
Exclusive proposition
For those who want to be creatively realized

For those who want to be creatively realized

Master new knowledge and get amazing results. These are incredible opportunities!
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Create websites and earn!

What will you get in 2 months?

Great result in the first place

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students have successfully completed our exclusive course


real average student's grade based on course results


of students find paying customers directly on the training


maximum amount earned by a student during the course

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We start course immediately

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During the development of the profession, we will help you find an internship to consolidate the acquired skills and gain practical experience.

Get 50% discount. Limited offer!

Start of training: November 19 at 19.00

Only 100 spots!

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons
Convenient training schedule

How is the training going?

successful web developer

About course author

Alex Forbes is a successful web developer, traveler and creative person with 12 years of freelance and website building experience.
Years of  experience
Years of experience
Alex Forbes

Web developer

Training plan
Convenient training schedule

Course program

This course has incorporated a huge baggage of experience and knowledge necessary for creative self-realization and the opportunity to make good money. At the same time, the program is adapted for beginners and does not require special knowledge.

Introduction to Forex Trading and investments

Result: you will get basic knowledge of installing and controlling of MetaTrader Trading platform on computer and mobile devices. You will understand how to setup your trading account according to your chosen investments.

Introducing popular and important licensed brokers

Result: you will understand what to look at while choosing the provider for your needs. Learn to avoid scams. Get knowledge of basic offers on the different types of markets. Understand to traders language..

Take a rest before we continue

Result: enjoy great coffee and snacks prepared by professionals of Hotel Hyatt. Get answers for any questions from our trading professionals and coach.

Let's start your first trades.

Result: you will know how to use MetaTrader trading platform and how to setup the trades with more advanced technics and functions of trading platform. You will get to know todays used strategies and understand how to read chart patterns.

Re-evaluate your todays training

Result: you have successfully finished your first training of forex trader and investor. Receive a certificate for your study and try to use all given knowledge in your future trades, practice as soon as possible to not forget informations and skills which you learned on your seminar.

It's time to create the first website for the client

Result: you do a second job for your portfolio and get paid for it! Important: each subsequent project must be better than the previous one. We are working out methods for increasing quality.

Getting to know WordPress - popular CMS platform

Result: you do a second job for your portfolio and get paid for it! Important: each subsequent project must be better than the previous one. We are working out methods for increasing quality.

Starting your own business. Good luck!

Result: you will work out your positioning for clients, make plans for the future and set goals for the near future. Welcome to the world of web design! A world of opportunities and prospects
Your new creative profession

8 weeks of intensive top-level classes

In 8 weeks of intensive classes, you will earn your first money creating websites and master a new profession!

Website development is a creative profession with great opportunities for self-realization and doing business.

trust us
What you get


After completing the course and submitting your thesis, you will receive a certificate that confirms that you are investing in self-education. You can use it to attract clients or when applying for a job.
You are now a graduate
Our graduates are grateful to us

Feedback from our members

Me and my friend visited several FX trading seminars, and Toshi Academy seminar was first one with real and proper good trading information, where we wasn't pushed to any investment, or decisions right now. I have very good feeling about this and looking for more advanced training from Toshi Academy in the future. I will be very happy to attend again.

Rungrot Rasrikum

Toshi Academy asked me to review how was our last seminar. After slow begining when everyone was preparing their demo accounts, everything took a rapid turn. And even i am not a beginner i got many new amazing tips and informations. By the way, the coach is very sweet with nice personality, i will think about 1 on 1 Coaching with him that i can understand details of trading strategy we were talking about during coffee break.

Narinthip Chonthapha

Because seminar in Bangkok was too far from me, i have choosed option of virtual seminar, where i connected together with 30 other participants, and it worked perfectly. I was able to ask any questions and get direct answers, i did not find this learning option anywhere else. I get a lot of new information and a lot of answers. I will definetely go to seminar if it will be near to Buriram someday.

Piyaphat Saesong

The seminar in Bangkok was very good. The chosen location at BTS Nana was great, i could go directly from BTS to hotel Hyatt where seminar took place. We got some free snacks and coffee and was very warmly welcomed by hotel staff and Toshi Academy staff itself. Everything was professionaly organized with good service. I learned a lot of new things and i want to definetely participate again on seminar, to repeat everything and to got answers for more questions.

Vorawit Saelee
This is important for us

Our main goal

My goal is to show you how to make money through modern technical skills.

The world is not what it used to be. It is not necessary to go to work 5 days a week with a vacation 2 times a year – the world is different. On the Internet, all business and all the possibilities of the world.

It doesn’t matter who you are now, it is important that you want changes in your life. People with burning eyes change their lives and the life around them. Just imagine how your world will change when you feel the full power of the received opportunities.

pricing plan
Follow our price quotes

Cost of participation

The 50% discount is valid for a limited time and will disappear as soon as 2 weeks are left before the start of the course!


Option for beginners
$ 299
  • Access to all tasks and personal account for 3 months
  • Access to weekly master classes with feedback
  • Possibility to ask questions


Option for professionals
$ 399
  • Access to all tasks and personal account for 6 months
  • Access to weekly master classes with feedback
  • Possibility to ask questions


TOP level options
$ 599
  • Access to all tasks and personal account for 9 months
  • Access to weekly master classes with feedback
  • Possibility to ask questions
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What is important to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program suitable for beginners?
This program is specially designed for beginners who have never tried to create a website. The training is structured in such a way that even beginners in this direction can easily and effectively build up their skills.
Can I earn money during the course?
The course takes place online. All you need is a phone or computer with an internet connection.
Will there be additional costs for the training?
After each lesson, I post the notes, and they will be available until the end of the course +1 extra day. After that, the course will become paid.
harry up!
your own freedom

Take the first step towards a new profession!

If you have been going to change your life for a long time – the time has come! Now you can work from anywhere in the world

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