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Website creation specialist without programming skills

Quick start in website creation with Alex Friedman

Start of training: November 19 at 19.00

Only 100 spots!

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons

Learn how to create stunnig websites

How to earn from $1000 to $3000 per month

Make your first website without programming

A perfect start without programming

Who benefits from the course?

We give a 100% guarantee that you are the kind of person who can make good money with website design, even if you have no experience.
Already registered users. Hurry up!
Already registered users. Hurry up!




Entrepreneurs to attract new customers. This is a great opportunity to expand your range of services.

Office workers


Office workers

Office workers who want to work on a free schedule and gain independence.




Students to learn a practical skill and a means to make money. Flexible training schedule, just 1 hour a day.

Housewives & mothers


Housewives & mothers

Housewives and mothers on maternity leave to combine earnings with childcare and housework.
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Start with us!

What do you get by participating in our free 4 day course?

Important information on a tight schedule

What will happen in the course?

Lesson 1: brokers and markets

In the first lesson you will understand basics of forex trading. Stock Markets, Commodities, Indexes and more. Examples of interesting instruments and how to look for them.

Lesson 2: platforms and tools

In the second lesson, you will get first touch and knowledge of different possible trading platforms, and their pros and cons and possibilities.

Lesson 3: trading tools and websites

In the third lesson, you will get to know other possible tools used for trading and prediction of markets.

Lesson 4: expert advisors and robots

In fourth lesson, you will open the world of Expert Advisors tools and plugins. Understand to different types of indicators and for what they are used.

get a Useful bonus

A useful bonus awaits you after each day of the course, which will speed up your learning*

*Get access for FREE now! Only 100 seats you must hurry up!
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About course author

Best author in the field

Real expert pro level

Expert in the creation of selling sites of any level of complexity

Huge experience

More than 5 years in internet marketing and digital production

Impressive practice

Created more than 100 sites, including large projects

Success that inspires

I earned my first million at the age of 19. It’s incredible!

Known in the pro society

Author of books on business and money thinking

Multi-award nominee

The author has been nominated for prestigious awards

Daniel Blackwood

Web developer
A perfect start without programming

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the training free?
I teach two types of courses – basic free and advanced paid. Some of you will want to go to paid education, so it is also beneficial for me to conduct free courses.
How is the course going?
The course takes place online. All you need is a phone or computer with an internet connection.
Will there be a recording?
After each lesson, I post the notes, and they will be available until the end of the course +1 extra day. After that, the course will become paid.

Start of training: November 19 at 19.00

Only 100 spots!

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons

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