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Mr.Skillz University was founded in 2014 as an innovative teaching structure with a modern approach to education through gamefication and student engagement.

No boring mumble and memorization, all skills are trained interactively and lead you to the result.

Alex Forbes, course author

Alex Forbes, course author


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Free courses on website development

Important: you will receive fundamental knowledge and put it into practice by creating your first website. You will be provided with a large amount of unique data on the methods and techniques of modern design.

Free webinars for beginners on UX/UI design

Important: set your personal goals, get a boost of motivation, learn to work with information and how to organize your work, how to plan work and rest. You will learn how to create your own website.

Specialized coaching for WordPress

Important: you do a second job for your portfolio and get paid for it! Important: each subsequent project must be better than the previous one. We are working out methods for increasing quality.

Database of up-to-date information

Important: you will work out your positioning for clients, make plans for the future and set goals for the near future. Welcome to the world of web design! A world of opportunities and prospects

Become a Valuable Expert

Specialized training courses

FREE courses

Development of advanced sites from scratch

FREE webinars

Websites quickly and without programming knowledge

Regular coaching

What should be the structure of an effective website

Master classes

How to work with clients and make money

Advanced practice

Professional techniques and developer secrets

Useful articles

What should be the structure of an effective website
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After completing the course and submitting your thesis, you will receive a certificate that confirms that you are investing in self-education. You can use it to attract clients or when applying for a job.
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Already registered users!
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Me and my friend visited several FX trading seminars, and Toshi Academy seminar was first one with real and proper good trading information, where we wasn't pushed to any investment, or decisions right now. I have very good feeling about this and looking for more advanced training from Toshi Academy in the future. I will be very happy to attend again.

Rungrot Rasrikum

Toshi Academy asked me to review how was our last seminar. After slow begining when everyone was preparing their demo accounts, everything took a rapid turn. And even i am not a beginner i got many new amazing tips and informations. By the way, the coach is very sweet with nice personality, i will think about 1 on 1 Coaching with him that i can understand details of trading strategy we were talking about during coffee break.

Narinthip Chonthapha

Because seminar in Bangkok was too far from me, i have choosed option of virtual seminar, where i connected together with 30 other participants, and it worked perfectly. I was able to ask any questions and get direct answers, i did not find this learning option anywhere else. I get a lot of new information and a lot of answers. I will definetely go to seminar if it will be near to Buriram someday.

Piyaphat Saesong

The seminar in Bangkok was very good. The chosen location at BTS Nana was great, i could go directly from BTS to hotel Hyatt where seminar took place. We got some free snacks and coffee and was very warmly welcomed by hotel staff and Toshi Academy staff itself. Everything was professionaly organized with good service. I learned a lot of new things and i want to definetely participate again on seminar, to repeat everything and to got answers for more questions.

Vorawit Saelee
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