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Open the magical world of trading

Introduction to Forex Trading and investments

Result: you will get basic knowledge of installing and controlling of MetaTrader Trading platform on computer and mobile devices. You will understand how to setup your trading account according to your chosen investments.

Introducing popular and important licensed brokers

Result: you will understand what to look at while choosing the provider for your needs. Learn to avoid scams. Get knowledge of basic offers on the different types of markets. Understand to traders language..

Take a rest before we continue

Result: enjoy great coffee and snacks prepared by professionals of Hotel Hyatt. Get answers for any questions from our trading professionals and coach.

Let's start your first trades.

Result: you will know how to use MetaTrader trading platform and how to setup the trades with more advanced technics and functions of trading platform. You will get to know todays used strategies and understand how to read chart patterns.

Re-evaluate your todays training

Result: you have successfully finished your first training of forex trader and investor. Receive a certificate for your study and try to use all given knowledge in your future trades, practice as soon as possible to not forget informations and skills which you learned on your seminar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some seminars free?

We are organizing our seminars aswell thanks to our partners which support Tōshi Academy, our goal is to show you the basics from trading and investments world, that you are able decide later on to continue with learning and trading.

Is possible to attend seminar in different way?

Every free seminar is livestreamed over internet using facebook and youtube services. Or you can also choose our virtual seminars, where you can talk directly to coach and other traders.

Will there be a recording?

Free seminars will have live streaming so aswell recording, which you can use to watch the seminar again.


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Already registered users. Hurry up!

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After each course


After completing the course, seminar or virtual seminar and understanding the problematic of trading, you will receive a certificate that confirms your self education. You can use it for example when you are applying for a job.

You are now a trader

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